From DVD insert, reboot, install, reboot, wait, desktop the install took roughly 45 minutes There were some really long delays on that last reboot. And the desktop took forever to draw. Finally it asked for the .Mac password, showed my address, then said “THANKS!”

I didn’t bother with the advice that everyone gives out which is rebuild the permissions, clean install, rebuild the permissions. Instead I did an “upgrade install” then got some coffee, let the cat out (or was it in) and moved some stuff to the dryer. The reason was simply, the disk was backed, so why do the wait, wait, wait thing.

The first, first impression was “waa, nothing has changed!” It doesn’t look any different. Opening Safari and opening a page revealed that “font smoothing” was different. It was set too strong for the Powerbook. When I opened System Preferences to change it I noticed the first big change. I clicked “Displays” but the smoothing setting wasn’t there. As there’s a search tool in the corner, typing “Font” suddenly spotlighted the “Appearance” panel where the smoothing option is set. Neato.

With fonts fixed and back in Safari a second look shows that the “news” tab now has numbers next to some of the sources. This is that thing called RSS which I’ve watched for years but haven’t groked. Opening “NYT” for example showed a list of all the top stories. This is similar to what NetNewsWire does/did. Except this seems to be formatted nicer. Still, I’m wondering how this is really different from just going to the page and reading the headlines?

QuickTime has reverted back to “the suck” version. It needs another $30 kick in the pants. Why a feature like “Full Screen” is a “Pro” feature is beyond me. I’ve forked over enough money for 4 revs of Final Cut that I should have a non-expiring license by now. Grr. On top of that there are “Verts” in the menus. MenuVerts. The future isn’t content to sell the timeouts and the downs. Soon it will be “this undo brought to you by FedEx!”

SpotLight doesn’t work. Not yet anway. It’s indexing so that’s my first impression. A progress bar. Progress indeed.

Dashboards. I like Konfabulator better I think.

TextEdit seems to have some new features. Properties and a button called Lists. Was Styles there before? Was Save as HTML an option? I don’t remember.

My Powerbook feels sluggish. Words are typing slow. It’s the Spotlight indexing taking up the cycles. This is going to be a problem on the video editing Macs. There wont’ be a way to get work done until that thing finishes. It’ll be an install and wait overnight install for them.

Looking at Mail. The new layout makes sense. The “wing” or “fin” is gone. The icons are icky. And in the wrong order. But that’s changeable. At least the order part. Remember when the client cost $80-125? Now it’s just part of the whole thing. I’m realizing how much less important email has become.

Truly impressive is this document called “Acknowledgements.rtf”.

Last last. Smart folders. I’ve always wanted a snap shot of my current projects. Now it’s easy. Make a new “smart folder”, created in the last two weeks, ends with .rtf click the save button. There’s all the writing, notes, links, todo list right there. The list is automatically alphabetical. And it’s likely there wont’ ever be more than 20-4o items there. Perfect.

Going to lunch and letting it index. Then off to the 6PM Apple Store event near U-Dub in Seattle. See ya there.