I am here.

I made it. The trip started at 9 PM on Friday and ended 1 AM Sunday. 28 hours total time. I slept a few times. From 3 until 5 on Saturday morning. This was just past Reno. More specifically Fernly. Later that morning I napped for another 30 minutes then gassed up and in motion by 10. I blazed through Utah stopping in Park City for gas and a power chord for the phone. By 3:30 the eyes were heavy so a 40 minute nap in Wyoming’s Little America parking lot was just the ticket. That was the last of the need for sleep. I arrived around 3AM central time. Then went to bed.

Once I got here I was wrecked. The drive hurt my back and could barely walk. I’m better, but gads it’s worse then it’s ever been. Because of that I’ve done little except for sleep, watch TV and analyze movies since I’ve been here. It’s just now that I’ve begun to feel well.

Movies for one second. I watched a movie called “Collateral” which is a which is a story about an assassin and a cab driver. Despite the overly long horrowoo ending the film is a film. I immediately notice that it looks different. Gorgeous in fact. It reminded me of a style I’ve learned to shoot with digital cameras capturing true light instead of flashing the place up. I watch for 15 minutes then rewind turning on the commentary for the intro. Sure enough the director says, F900. I turn him off then watch the rest of the film. Stunning. If you shoot film after seeing “Collateral” you are truly crazy, or committed old school, or just ignorant.

1450 miles. The exact mileage got reported in the audio commentary of the trip.

Lot’s of things are obvious when you travel. Like the need for a really cheap place to sleep. Or the way the power chord for the phone works. Or that you have to hold the phone to your head at all. Why doesn’t it talk to the car? Then there’s other issues. Like they way the Powerbook is useless. There is a genuine need for better car/computer integration. One because the car doesn’t have power for it. Two because the UI is too hard to use when driving. Three because it’s not set up for the tasks of mobile computing. To do this it would have to talk to the car. Get data from it. Like fuel levels (which translates to use), speed, location, etc. It should also allow me to program steering wheel and dash buttons to make it do things. There should be a microphone in the car allowing me to voice record stuff to the powerbook. A minidisc could capture what I what to say, but I only want one device. Powerbook. Thanks.

The phone I was given is really hard to use. Obvious top level functions are 3 menus deep. Yea, I have a phone. It’s not for everybody. It’s not going to be the walkie-talkie that my last phone was. In fact. Only 2 people have the phone number. Only two people will ever get that phone number. Everyone else can use the 206 666 5338 illusion of phone number. Voice messages forward to email. Meaning if I’m in front of my Powerbook I can help you. Otherwise. I’m somewhere else. Back to you later.

So I’m freed of many things and then trapped by other old things on coming here. The trap is that my parents have no idea what I do. They think I’m here to get a job becoming a wage slave working from 9 to 5:15. Something I have no intention of doing. Instead my trip has revealed to me that I have many opportunities that I need to exploit. There are at least 5 books to pen, articles for macHome to write and some software to build. Pirate Radio News needs to happen. Which is a podcast involving pirates and news that pirates would listen to if they broadcast the news. And once that is set up there’s at least one or two other podcasts to cast. After all, all you need is a Mac and a microphone.

For a while I don’t have worries. Place to stay is covered. Things to eat are here. I just have to be invisible, stay neat, and leave when things get weird. I can’t ever forget that last part.

Here’s the audio from the trip. I was thinking about a lot of things. After listening to it after the fact, I wish I could have recorded more but there were big gaps in cellphone coverage. It also leaves a lot. I’m one shot story telling. And I’m missing description of details. Then again. What more is there to say….

Bay area good bye
Utah Take 1
Utah Take 2
Pay attention!
1K miles…
Arlington Outpost
Enter Nebraska
Trip over.