I’m in a football picks pool. where every week you guess who’s going to win. I started picking winners by over analyzing stats, weather and travel distance as factors that would affect a games outcome.

however, sometimes the winner of the game is the loser if the winner fails to beat the spread. lets see that makes the winner the loser because the winner lost. ri-ight. 

I thought about this for a while then decided a COIN would actually do a better job. it doesn’t factor anything into landing heads or tails. in this case it’s home or away.

two weeks ago I fired the COIN and replaced it with a pair of dice. 18 sided ones. because there is no such thing as 18 sided dice I fake them with some code. blue is home. red is away.


anyway… the dice didn’t do so well. I’ve fallen from 1st to 8th place. it’s not really the all seeing dice fault though. NFL is a stoopid sport with predictable game play because of strategy. it’s painfully slow to watch too. so picks that looked to be solid get aced out because of OVERTIME kicks. or that play that takes scores on the last seconds of the clock winning by a point. in other words undeserved victory.

thus I’ve re-hired the COIN and fired 18DD as my picks manager.

the COIN is a full sized Silver Dollar
18DD is fake 18 sided dices
picks is a dumb game where you predict the outcome of other dumb games.