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March 13
woke up excited about what the day might bring… apple crunch, blueberry, banana cream, lemon meringue. then I realized Pi day is tomorrow.

March 14
Floor pie… wear headphones for the FULL swinging Homer effect.
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…and make me pie!
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the Indiana Pi Bill #246 in 1897 corrected the unendingness of the number by making it 3.2. it didn’t pass.
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a million digits of Pi.
link to Pi

no kitty it’s MY pie…
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Infinite complexity described by simple rules…
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can I have your attention! hands folded attention! Pi is exactly…
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speaking of get your bitch ass into the kitchen and make me pie… Pi is WRONG!
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using Pi to count dominos.
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who wins this pie fight?
a) 3 Stoogies
b) the Great Race
c) Laurel and Hardie
d) Blazing Saddles
e) none of these

cross my heart and hope to die… you KNOW what rhymes with die!

Wonka pie… the creepier version.


a long, long, time ago.
music saved immortal souls.
bye, bye, Pi day. it was fun.
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