You know that email that went around years ago that was sent to you by someone you knew filled out with a bunch of stuff about them asking you to o the same? The email that wanted to know what was “under your bed” and “what you dream car was” along with 40 other questions that took days to write if you gave a shit. This thing (the link above) takes 30 seconds to click click and you are done. Not sure if I’ll learn anything that I don’t already know.

Just in case you we’re curious what was under my bed and the car of my dreams? There is nothing under my bed because I don’t have one. Odd, sure. But I don’t have one that is “mine” right now. And I’m fine with that. Dream car used to be “rocket car” because it invokes images of Wile E Coyote careening across the desert on a mad chase for the road runner.

These days I dream less about car because my driving days are numbered. Hmpf. I hate that thought.