I ended up not going and I’m very glad that I didn’t make the effort.

First off, I remembered that I’d tried to use “blogs” in my digital story telling class and the kids didn’t get why it was important. That clued me in that maybe blogging isn’t important at all. As one person said, “it’s just a bunch of links, I don’t get it?” Okay, lesson learned about that.

Blogging is a one way non-personal event. It takes a lot of time to do and in the end, at least for me, it feels like a kind of mental masturbation. I know that if I put some kind of effort into it I could have something as cool. But you see, you have to WANT to do something like that. It means taking the ego out of the box and putting it on. And for what? To say that I generated a million unique hits a month. I’m kinda not seeing the point.

I decided to listen in on the streaming session for a bit. And guess what? It was exactly the waste of time that I thought it was going to be. I couldn’t stomach it long. 20 minutes into the season on “making money” I had just close the stream. Then I listened in on the “Fat Guy Sings” and wow was that ever gross. Dave live was just like Dave on scripting. A one way stream of thought, wanting the last word. And not moving on. After basically attacking “a vendor” for talking (or as he said) not talking about his product I’d had enough. Next thought. Move on. Close that stream. I’m glad I didn’t go.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Dave. He’s a smart man. And there is much to learn from him. Oh, and that thing above wasn’t an attack. Just an observation.

Sleeping-in was way more important to me than singing the national anthem, singing Oh Beautiful, and being in a room with a hundred monkeys all typing, err, blogging away. Puh-lease. Why is it that “note-taking” is now called blogging? I mean, that’s what most of the bloggers were doing. Taking notes. Big deal. And why call it blogging? Why not just call it what it is — logging. Logging data. Logs of Links. Link-n-logs.

The turning point here is that none of this was possible 7 years ago. Why? Bandwidth. It was slow in and out. It was expensive to fling. So the barrier to entry was high enough that nobody but a few could afford it. Just a silly waste of bits. I’m wondering? Why I’m I writing this? Oh. Right. Never mind….

[end of line]