BRUCE DUCT instructions

  • stuff you need:
    9” x 11” cardboard. use a shipping box, cereal, or USPS envelope.
    8.5” x 11” printer paper
    4 x 6 photo paper or more just printer paper
    Aluminum Foil
    rubber band
  • steps:
    print the PDF guide onto plain paper.
    staple or tape the paper to cardboard. you need 9 x 11. use one of the folded sides to make it easier to fold later.
    cut the black lines.
    score, which means half a cut aka not all the way through the dotted lines. the idea is to make it easier to fold cardboard. PRACTICE scoring on some scrap before you do it. and if you cut all the way through, use another part of the box.
    test fit the box. notice how one side of the cardboard fits into the other. if it looks crocked flip the flaps around.
    glue FOiL onto the cut cardboard. shiny side UP! cut the extra off so it matches the cardboard.
    now, flip it over and glue another FOiL shiny side UP! cut this so there is enough to wrap to the other side.
    test fit the box again. check for crocked.
    have a rubber band ready.
    glue the flaps. then hold the sides with the rubber band.
    put two holes in the top to secure a wire or metal or twist ties or a hook from another ornament.
    print Bruce onto a 4×6 paper.
    cut out Bruce. now bow him in the box.

if you want to get clever, cut out the outline of him so it looks more like him in the duct.

PDF to print your own BRUCE DUCT