sept 11

terrorist != iraq (!= means not equal)

people fighting back against the US are not necessarily terrorists

extremism. hey, that’s a new ism

he said assplain

100’s of foreign fighters vs the whole US marines. Who would win in a fight?

Wasn’t it said that terrorists don’t need “a base”?

mrder and distruction?

when was the last car bomb

when was that hospital bomb?

sept 11

34 billion in contributions

> whois theEmeny

training the other side. didn’t this get the USA in trouble before?

Iraq defend itself from what? the likes of the USA?

Ohhhh… there were terrorist in iraq… not WMDs. I get it now

iraqy’s that died? what about the kids from the USA who dead?

he said, splain

wrong message to the troops?! that have been extended extended?

sober military leaders. That’s good!

shit kurds

wish I wold have kept track of the number of times he said elections

constitution. new gov under a new cons tit two shun.

why not just make iraq a USA state? doesn’t that kill two birds with one stone?

still can’t say nuclear

sept 11

really? terrorist are making a stand in iraq? Really??


sometimes it is retreat, not courage

4th of July… fly a flag. send a letter. help a miliatary fam — why doesn’t the USA support military fams instead of largely ignoring them?

fams that got left high and dry after a death

those watching, considering getting screwed, if you sign up.

you have been served.. har, har

sept 11.

since when was the USA a liberator?