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interesting. thing is, all ideas are fair game for implementing after being said. but you have to pay the .25…

Don’t call it a pod, net, whatever cast 98% of the traffic for the RSS feed for my shows comes from iTunes. In iTunes my “show” is…

“that thing” the day after

I finally saw “that thing” in action. But it wasn’t until it was on the show This WEEK in MEDIA…

MacBreak Tech – the feed is live!

The feed for the podcast MacBreak Tech is live. It’s a technical geek-out on all things Mac. This is the…

macbreak tech

If you are looking for MacBreak Tech show Zero here is a link to the MP3 or AAC files. The…

PARC archives

Lots of talks from the PARC forum can be heard here. It’s like going to school but not having to…

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6 word SF stories

Dorothy: “Fuck it, I’ll stay here.” – Steven Meretzky Link to the rest of them.

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