whoa... it's BIG!

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today I made a book

fold, punch, tie, cover, finish!

NOT a cabinet maker

working with wood takes practice using the correct tools.

side art rabbit hole

in looking at the side art there are THREE variations that went on cabinets: Original, Modern, and Deluxe.

game controller build

we made a game CONTROLLER from a box of parts and piece of wood.

molded Mendal parts

Virtual Fry’s had molded 3D printer parts made by Metrix, a hacker space in Seattle. it was the last set…

cutting rods

cutting RODS for the 3D printer. the idea is to not make a mess. it sure would be easier if…

ZARYA clock

photographing the International Space Station is always a fun project. there are lots of resources to help PLAN for doing…

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