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hello, end of Mercury

you had to get up at 6-ish to catch the wing’d wonder.

Tiangong 1 fogged Out

fog covered Tiangong 1

ISS time lapse flyover

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space | Fly Over | Nasa, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo. link the…

Mars Curiosity landing looks ambitious

Mars Curiosity landing looks ambitious. but they said they tested all the parts. here’s the rover with people around it…

extra JB Weld

the Planets as seen from Earth

imagine seeing other planets from the same distance as the moon is to the Earth.

that’s a big solar flare

and here’s a different view. source: the bad astronomer

thinkup & thinkback

here’s an interesting perspective on the past. it’s made with a tool called ThinkBack which uses the ThinkUp API. the…

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