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the time is twenty after four on the 20th of April

the roboto thought you should know. here’s a link to something related. it’s funny.

the sun is a mass of incandescent gas

wow. here’s the story. here’s the source.

24,177,600 minutes ago I was 10 minutes old

okay that was two days ago. it’s funny how the social makes the day that much more. more what? well,…


Bill & Ted and Daleks: Most Heinous want this. really really want this. link to the artist.

anything is possible

next time somebody squeaks, “sorry, that’s impossbile!” just point them to this feat some brains pulled off. it’s a fly…

don’t mess with Jupiter

Jupiter takes yet another hit from Science News on Vimeo. somebody who decided to use his free time aiming a…

want one yet?

open the lens bay door, HAL…

it was easy to pry off and once that was done it was easy to bend the ring back to normal. putting it back together proved impossible. there was no way to attach the tiny springs without tiny tools which I have none of. so I removed the doors and springs saving them for some reason. then I snapped the ring in place which took lots of force. then I snapped a shot to make sure it wasn’t borked. then I was done!

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