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Zarya over Mun

Zarya was there. then it was not. zipped out of the clods, jumped over Mun and then fell back behind…

Zarya over San Francisco

Zarya as seen from Alameda.

Zarya over the Bay

snapped with a Nikon P300.

stabilizing space

here is the outing I did with Ball and Norm. despite the clods.

Zarya Oct 1

Zarya aka @space_station flies over my office.

recent Zarya aka Space_Station

snaps of Zarya taken from San Francisco on April 15 & 16 2016.

Zarya under Jupiter

below is a link to animation of Zarya aka @Space_Station flying under Jupiter & over San Francisco Bay. this sequence was…

Zarya flies over my Flat

there is Zarya. right on time. 6:23 AM. flying up from 310°.

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