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Zarya over San Francisco

Zarya as seen from Alameda.

Zarya over the Bay

snapped with a Nikon P300.

stabilizing space

here is the outing I did with Ball and Norm. despite the clods.

Zarya Oct 1

Zarya aka @space_station flies over my office.

recent Zarya aka Space_Station

snaps of Zarya taken from San Francisco on April 15 & 16 2016.

Zarya under Jupiter

below is a link to animation of Zarya aka @Space_Station flying under Jupiter & over San Francisco Bay. this sequence was…

Zarya flies over my Flat

there is Zarya. right on time. 6:23 AM. flying up from 310°.

Zarya March 23

the time lapse was taken with a Microsoft Lumia 650 using the Lumia Camera “app” that allows for manual control…

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