who would win in a fight clods or Tiangong? if you guessed clods… you win!

rain was on and off and on all day. and the sunset revealed less clods. I checked the schedule and lo, actually high in the sky was Tiangong 1. later enough that the close by star was not going to be a factor like it was yesterday. clods would be. maybe the cameras will get lucky like that one morning from the 3rd floor of Observatory B. the Chinese space station was guesstimated to be o.9 on the bright scale. never mind that it is tumbling. it might be anything.
it did not matter. I moved the cameras as the zorg cried out times. aim here from then to next. then next to next next. find 115° for the end. which would be zactly at Orion. sweet shot right? nope. clods.

see that line? excited by it? it is JET. not Tiangong. dammit. I was disappointed too.

after it was over I aimed at Venus over the office. it was hiding in the clods too. she (yes Venus is a she as no dude is named that name) is so bright that the clods were no match. I decided to muck over the snap because of the bright door and windows.

tomorrow Tiangong flies under Mars and Venus. “hey, VEEEEENUS.” “yeah, whatyya want? I’m busy.” be ready before 6:45 PM. fly by is at 6:52. stand by…


alarm your zorg. report what you see.