Lately I had noticed my system being slower than usually. Since I had recently recovered from a virius attack, I reformated, but I noticed while I was reformatting that my dual proc 3.8 Ghz system was now only 3.59 Ghz. Now in the end it is a small percentage, but I want my .2Ghz back!

PC performance is affected by many things around us. Solar flares. Lightning. Jet stream. Lunar occlusion. But in this case I’d suspect: ambient air temperature deferential caused by the season changing. As temperature lowers humidity increases. Everyone knows that if you dump a glass of water in your PC it will stop working. So as humidity increases a similar thing happens but instead of just stopping working the Xeons just slow down. What is happening when you compress humid air is that it causes water condensation. That means your fans blowing into the computer to keep it cool are actually causing an increase in partial pressure thus causing a “cloud” to form inside your PC. Water vapor has a resistece electrical property and your bus, CPU socket and RAM is exposed it causes the 0s and 1s to move more slowly. Because of the increased resistance.

The solution? Try running with the top off of the case for a while to see if that helps.