CRIMP tool. installed.
the connector for power or data that goes on the HEADER of a rPi or USBtoSATA board uses a metal form that is crimped to a wire. you can crimp the wire to the metal using pliers or a wire cutter but the result is less than. meaning the wire will pull out or the metal connector will not fit inside the plastic header. enter the proper tool.
RTFM first. the tool is specific to the task so there is a right and a wrong way to use it. put the metal in upside down and it crushes it. use the wrong jaws makes for a lose or a over done crimp. so I practiced on making it work. over and over. strip wire. remove a metal from the band. insert. FAIL.
the tool ratchets holding the metal in place. check. pre crush the metal so to make a better U. do it from the under not the over. check. position the metal flush with the edge. check. click to hold. check. twist the wire. check. insert wire flush with shielding. check. pull handles together until it. yes, like that. no, no, too much. check. click. check wire. hmph. better… do it again.
[repeat until out the metal I will never use because those are pins not pokes]
now I know how to use my new CRiMP tool.