It’s been over a month since I installed Mac OS X 10.4. In that time I’ve explored a lot. Here’s something I know.

Dashboards. During the initial gush of the media this was the thing that got the most press. “Pretty!” everyone said. “Pretty useless!” I say. After using the stock ones for a bit and trying out some 3rd party ones I’ve decided that these “tools” are highly overrated. You are better off using the [i]application[/i] equivalent. There are a few reasons. First is that they are slow to respond the first time they are summoned. The clock takes 3-4 seconds to update just like it does when a Mac is awakened from sleep mode. That world clock uses a lot of system time. Be sure to turn it off.

I’m sure that over time the tools will get better. A feature that I’m sure will become official is unpinning a Dashboard from it’s F12 layer. And with that it begs the question, “why not just use App?” I’m finding that Konfabulator seems to do Dashboards one better. The clock is prettier, the iTunes controller smaller and transparent, and the todo thingy right there.