98% of the traffic for the RSS feed for my shows comes from iTunes. In iTunes my “show” is listed in the “Podcast” section. Not to be daft or anything but because it’s there that’s what I’m going to tell people it’s called. However usually what I do is tell the knobs “on the iTunes Store search for beer and you’ll find my show” if I don’t have a business card with the show details. And if I do have a card the info to the “show” takes the potential listener to then to the web page that has relavent links and instructions.

The question that comes next (sometimes) is “I don’t have an iPod….” which is answered by “you don’t need one to listen to the show [there’s that word again] you can listen on the web page or you can download the MP3 which will play on any player.

But no matter what it’s called the “show” takes some support to get some of the potential listeners. That’s why this “medium” sucks. It’s not simple enough for some people. Which is why we have a limited potential listener base.

Beyond the “whatever we call this podcast, netcast, whateverCast” is an even worse problem. Which is “large media” swooping in filling the top 25 most popular. As that happens we’ll see less people seeking out the speciality shows.