okay that was not fun. the usually is a normal-ish and oddly similar to an Applebee’s. but tonight I might as well have been in “pick a Marina bar, any bar!” and think odious experience. okay, not that I seek out the Applebee’s but I certainly don’t seek out the Marina. that’s the place where you meet every girl ever and every boy seeking the same. the mob looks the same page of the catalog. white shirts, grey tops, black bottoms and fashionable boots.

so these douche bags are there trying to pick each other over and over and I’m already over it by the time I find my way to the bar. somebody gives up a seat because I have that look in my eye of I’m about to change you into a different dimension. and not because it’s Saturday and you’re in my bar. but because I’ve had another version of my relationship with Final Cut Pro. you know, it’s either working for you or you want to break up with “it” but it’s the Holiday’s and somebody’s Mom will be disappointed. just so you know, my Mom doesn’t care.

over there in the corner was every girl ever who was so loud you could hear her every word over the very loud of loud people being loud. that’s one loud loud. savages is the better way to describe them because they order shots of things that no human person should shoot. she seemed rationally disappointed that there isn’t a way to have a clear tasteless alcohol plus Red Bull so she whines “okayIwillhavacosmo” because that’s what she knows despite the fact that she doesn’t like that drink every time. it’s pink, tastes like candy and she’s not paying for it until later. pay it forward baby.

but back to the loud girl. can you believe that one of the white shirts actually wanted to take her home? please oh please we all said! take her. this is such a good idea. secretly between us we empty into the karma pile merging it with pay it forward bridge toll for the dude behind me fare points to make that happen. and eventually it got quiet. she left! hurray! there was that 3 minute moment of oh yeah I like this bar again. but wait… crap, there’s that screeeetch again. she had to pee.

and then the lights went up. but not because it was last call. it was far from that right then. but the scary lights made them go away one by one. never underestimate the power that low lights or maybe no lights does to make them into something that they are not. with lights on the word dim comes to mind. go with that.

we had a few more and then one more. then it was my bus. and that’s were my whole night repeated itself for the third time. I have to ask, when did deja vu come in threes? I thought people died that way. I’ll just mark this day down as the 1, 2, 3 dying experience without the dying part.