I’m largely unhappy with the being in LA. I don’t know many people. The people that I do know are far away. Everything takes an hour to get to or from. And it’s freaking hot.

The beer scene isn’t. The closet thing to the rule of “no driving far” is a chain called BJ’s Brewery. Which seem to be every where. There was one in Seattle. A new one opened in Burlingame. And there was one we visited last year when we went to Nico’s birthday party. The beer is well, beer. It’s what it is. This particular one has two that taste like Belgiums.

There I was. Watching the Giants kick the bums back to the town they came from in the town the came from and I over hear the bartender talking about an “event” saying he couldn’t wait to try the Double IPA. Seeing as how there was a complete lack of IPA on the beer board I was prompted to ask “What event?” And I got the beans spilled to me. It’s a thing they do once a month called “Appreciation Night” and this guest brewer was Stone Brewing. Hmmmm.

bastard.pngStone as you know is home of Arrogant Bastard. A malty bitter brew with a Winged and Horned dude on the bottle.

The whole thing was supposed to cost $18 not including food. And what I ordered never came out. And I mention this as my tab was presented. Prompting the tab to get comp’d. Then guess what… it all arrives. Free eats. Free beer.

Here’s the nights notes.