After listening and talking about it for the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that saying “mac book pro” sounds stupid. So from here on when I talk “in general” about using my MBP I’m just going to call it a MacBook.

From a use point of view there isn’t any difference between the two models. Mail and Safari offer the same experience. And I find that I keep running out of space on the hard drive no matter how big it is.

Hardware wise the Macs are similar. Although the half a much model has the shiny screen and the more then double model has a X1600 GPU. I’ve used both and neither makes a big difference unless you are sharing a screen with another person in a sunny room or are playing Quake or Unreal or particle-ing in Motion.

MacBook with out the pro part almost has the beauty of the name PowerBook. If I find that I have a need to be specific about a model I’ll be sure to call it out. I just don’t what to sound like a “mac snob” anymore. Like “ooooh, I’m better, I bought the P-R-O version. Big deal.