fixed my old iPod
the screen was torched. I know how it got that way. because I did it to it. it got spilled. whatever it was found a way between the screen. the music still played. the screen still touched. it was just hard to read the tiny. as with things that are borked you might as well try to make it less the suck. I put it under a lamp. thinking. what? that in between would evaporate out? nope.
okay, a NEW tiny rocker! I looked. wow. somehow this old thing still commands a hundred bucks. a used iPod 6th generation is half that. no way. way… for a 5 year old thing. replacing it with the same same with what mostly still worked seemed… expensive.
this begs me to finish the move out of iTunes once and forever. this is a project. and I will get to it. some music server will serve me. but this involves a NAS. and that is a rabbit hole. which tool. what hardware. please, not an rPi. no, no, no…
maybe it can be fixed. right? parts is parts. and there was a part. $6. and a how to. which amounts to melt the screen, unscrew screws. remove two tiny cables. reverse. and super glue.
fortunately Virtual Fry’s has super glue in stock. the best invention ever was tinier tubes of the stuff sold 6 at a time. now you cannot care if the last used one dried out because there is always another tube. just make sure when there are TWO left to Amazon more. at least put it on your cue sheet for the future.
after getting to reverse. and before super glue turn on iPod. it VEEEEEEERKS! now open the glue. and shut this case.
there, I fixed it.
so why do I want an old iPod instead of playing music from my zorg? because the iPod is NOT connected to anything. it does not chime, beep, burp, fart, or otherwise advertise the world. it just rocks. and rocks. until the battery.