AOL ruined this word and now it’s overused. Everyone uses it when announcing their podcast or show. I bristle when I hear, “Welcome to the blah, blah, blah…” Better to say “You are listening to blah, blah, blah.” Then at the end you can say, “Thanks for listening!”

In the case of a real place like a store or an eatery, the word “Welcome” can be used. Because in fact, if we aren’t welcome we’ll just have to shop or eat some where else.

Repeat after me, “Welcome is overused, Welcome is overused, Welcome is overused, Welcome is overused!” Please, don’t introduce anything using Welcome any more? Okay!? Okay!

Mondee, Tuesdee, Wednesdeee…
It’s Mon-DAY. Day, day, day, not dee. How do you get the EEEE sound from an A and a Y?

Where you at?
You sound like a dotcom loser when you utter this question. Better to ask, “where are you?” Same number of syllables.

Pronounced like “axe” as the word you would put in front of “murderer.” If you want to use my knowledge you will kindly “ask” me a question.

The word alot is not a word. It’s actually two words: a lot. If it was one word you would say “alots of ducks on the ice over there” when speaking about more than one of something. How do you remember the correct spelling? Try thinking “a lot is where cars park.” Then when you are writing about a lot of cars you’ll remember.

When talking about Who’s that live in Whoville the word “anywho” is appropriate. However, if you don’t mean the Who’s then say “anyhow” as the transitional word for making a conclusion.

Inappropriate abbreviations
When typing a message, email or post please always spell words as they appear in the dictionary. If you use shortened words such as: ppl, tut, crit (people, tutorial and critique) no one will know what the hell you are saying. Sigh. Yes, yes, I know, English wants to turn itself into 1 or 2 syllable grunts and groans. But let’s not help it along by promoting this nonsensical practice of creative spelling.

Intro / Outtro jingles
You, podcaster, don’t waste my time with 25 seconds of theme show music. Just get right to it. And when you are done. Just be done.