Full screen movie playback isn’t something that should be a [i]pay for[/i] feature. Imagine if the DVD Player tool didn’t allow full screen playback of DVD’s until you forked over $30. Everyone would scream unfair. Microsoft Media Player (WiMP) plays full screen and it’s free. Fortunately there are more than a few solutions for getting a QuickTime movie play filling the screen.

I’m only bringing this up because the feature was taken away when I upgraded to OS X 10.4. Having purchased 4 (and soon 5) upgrades to Final Cut Pro you’d think that I wouldn’t have to repurchase QuickTime Pro ever again. There are features of QTPro that I can see paying for but the ability to play full screen is not one of them. Exporting, sure. Splicing together movies, yes. Add tracks, affirmative. Edit, posef. Full screen should be a basic feature. A free feature.

Especially when the feature is enabled by an AppleScript. A free AppleScript. Had Apple disabled full screen playback entirely until you forked over it’d be one thing. But because the feature isn’t missing (just disabled) you can use a script described here to get the job done. Drag the movie to the icon and go. It’s described here.

After a copy/pasting the script into the Script Editor, you’ll need to reformat it by deleting all the line breaks and pressing return again. Stupid, but it won’t work at all until you do.

If you can’t make the AppleScript widget work there are some other apps that will full screen your movie. There are even more than what is listed below. Missing from this list are the tools that asks for money. Full screen should be free.

Full Sreen Player