I just noticed that I had a Motion Graphics with Chris and Trish book on my shelf. I won it at MGLA back when I was living in the Lower Area. Funny thing about that book is that can’t remember ever opening it. It might have been the next day after I took it home. But more likely is that I never opened it after flipping through it after I got it.

Not once. Never.

So why the hell do I have it? Maybe as a hunting trophy kept from that 4 month safari. Or maybe I just forgot that I had it. I can’t say that I’ve done much motion graphics work in the last 3 years. Meaning it sure isn’t being used for reference or ideas…

I’m wondering how many books like this get purchased with good intentions then never get used? Thousands I bet. Which has me thinking about what this week is about. And that is “get rid of reference books week!” But there are rules:

0) give the book another chance. flip through it. see it you still need it. maybe it’s still useful to you.
1) if the book is wildly out of date it should be recycled. however, some books don’t go bad like the After Effects titles. so don’t just ditch them because they are 3 versions old.
2) try to find a book a new home. bring your books to a user group meeting or a talk. leave it in an obvious place with a “take me” note that also references #3.
3) give the book away. but make sure it has this catch: if you do not use this book in 2 months please give it to another person.
4) please don’t give the book to a library or school. most of the time they will never see shelf life.

If somebody wants my example book email your address and why you should get it.