got rid of old shit

  • deleted a bunch of “Picture n” files
  • deleted old installers
  • got rid of partial downloads

Made it look different

  • redid the apps, pictures, movies, hard drive icons
  • sorted through the “random” desktops and took out one I didn’t like

next take care of head

  • played 16 games and then deleted 14

learned some new stuff

  • learned how to make Quartz Composer do things!
  • played with Art Directors Tool Kit… kinda cool.
  • made new rules for mail
  • played with smart folders
  • goofed with Automator


  • Deleted Norton Utilize for the final time.
  • took out fonts I wasn’t using


  • tried of consolidate date clutter files which had all kinds of writing and projects in them
  • finally, after 4 years of OS X I moved entirely to a “user” based way of doing files
  • meaning no files in a directory “out side” of the users domain.
  • moved all .torrent files to a .torrent folder (pending deleting)
  • found all duplicate songs and deleted them
  • almost all music is now being managed by iTunes
  • made a project folder in which all files go now

once and for all I’m going to try to not use the old Desktop metaphor


really need to find a way to delay find 

crontab how to get rid of norton startup apps – evil they put them in cron!