Google adding pay-for-video is an example of how far Google has strayed from it’s path. Search should be better not worse. Yet little is being down to improve that. If I was in the audience at that Vegas rollout I would have asked the question, “When is Google going to offer different modes of searching ie, shopping, researching, and tech support. This should be Google’s priority NOT video.

To me the failing of Google is how little by little the results returned are harder to interrupt. Case in point are some of the questions that get asked on the forums I moderate. Telling someone “google it” often leads them back to the forum saying “can’t find it.” Yet I can find a link in a search pretty quickly despite the screwy results. I can tell you that sometimes I feel like I am thesearch engine reader for them.

The test that I use is a simple one involving a phrase “Jeep Wrangler won’t start”. Sadly, I have not saved the results of this search over time. Four years ago it returned an answer that yielded a result in the first 20 listings. Today the query returns links to auto parts. A trouble shooting guide or commentary about common problems are missing and aren’t found until several pages into the results.

I know that single text field is supposed to look simple and clean. But there are was to have have something more complicated that returned better results that still look as simple. Or leave the single entry line alone doing better parsing of the entered phrase.

Ultimately Google will start collapse on itself this year as AdWord dollars become less, search results aim even more toward shopping and overall becomes “more evil”.