hello, Mercury.

you had to get up at 6-ish to catch the wing’d wonder. AM. ugh. but guess what? you will not be alone. with the fast planet is Venus, Mars, and Mun. smashing in the middle is Regulus. the M’s are impossibly close together. and they trade spots in a day. one above the other then the other above the one. Mercury will be the brighter of the pair. both are possibly lost in the glare of the rising star. or covered by smug. or whatever is hanging on the horizon. so go out early to increase your possibility of a moment.

the dance will happen over the next 4 days. alarm your zorg. report what you see.

Zarya aka Space Station, Mercury, Mars, and Venus made an appearance after Cassini crashed into Saturn. the sky was bright in the 6AM glow. thus the shiftiness of the snaps. three planets and a half a trillion dollars visible from my 3rd floor flat, cool.