Macworld week is all but over. It’s been a whirl. The show itself was smaller and less attended than previous year shows. Yet something about this show was different for me. I left with this buzz going on in my head about creating things. The buzz about GarageBand started it. It’s not like there haven’t been “creative, creation programs.” iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD have been around. These apps make easy what used to be a chore. However cool iPhoto is, the app itself doesn’t make me want to pick up a camera and go shoot. The same with iMovie and iDVD. Easy. Useful. I’m just not inspired to make a movie. Sure, I use these tools. But that’s it. They’re just tools.

GarageBand is different. Totally. I really, really want to pick up my little used dusty guitar that I barely know how to play, and play. I’m thinking that I really want to spend the hour a day learning to play a keyboard. I’m sucked into the demo for once and I want to do the same magic. What I think is interesting about my newly installed desire is that the ability to do what GarageBand does is nothing new really. There have been multitrack recording tools for ever. They’ve been at Macworld Expo since I’ve been going to Macworld Expo. They’ve always looked fun, yet I’ve never run home, plunked down $$ and played.

It won’t ship until the 16th of January. Whatever. I’ve got practicing to do. How cool is that? For once in my life I really want to practice. Huh, whatyaknow….