Greetings from the College World Series. Here’s where I am or wish I was for the most part

It’s a pretty odd place the midwest. Pretty and odd at the same time. The sky is big and everything is green so it’s pretty. Yet so odd because everyone smokes and eats fast food. Movies are cheap, shopping is done in real stores, malls thrive, Windows is supreme but the pizzas are primarily pepperoni with nothing else added. The nearest Apple Store is 2 hours to the East or 11 to the West. But the CompUSA has in stock a local Apple Expert meaning it can’t be all that bad. Maybe it isn’t.

Actually it is. It’s hot as freaking hell. It’s not the heat per se that kills you, it’s the humidity. Outside isn’t much fun for the first 20 minutes. Then if you get lucky some shade provides shelter from the sun, but the damn water is still in the air. You cannot escape the water.

The window on the car is fixed. It remains to be seen if the rest of the stuff is covered. I’m guessing that it won’t be. Having been “homeless” for nearly three years there wasn’t a need to keep the “renters” insurance active. As there was “no residence” there was no where to send the bill. I guess I could have faked it. Whatever, it’s just stuff. I’m over it.

The good news. Things cheap. Beer is here. Oh, sorry. I stole that. i have left over cigars. Life. Up in smoke.

Batman and the Steak Buffet