I’ve seen the film (Star Wars EPII) three times now. I’ve read all the reviews. I’ve taken part in the online discussions that have questioned and answered everything about it ad nausea . Nearly 2 years after that fateful 12:01 showing I have yet to see anyone question Anakin inability to phone home. I’m pretty sure that Jedi training is intensive and immersive. That while training there is little time to think about home and mothers as you are busy learning to levitate stuff that will later impress your dream girl. And maybe possibly that if you or I grew up surrounded by space ships, flying speeders and light sabers we too would simply forget to call home for 10 years!

A long time ago it seems that somebody invented faster-than-light communications. This enables our heros to stand in front of a droid who dutifully records them is talking in full 3d…front and back and sides…from one single camera…amazing that long time ago, far, far away technology! So we know that it’s possible to make a “person to person” call.

It’s not just Anakin who’s to blame here. His mom or her owner (remember she was a slave) could have called too.