The closet known as virtual Fry’s is filling up with empty boxes. There are boxes for Powerbooks, Latitudes, Thinkpads, a Brother printer, G5, iMac G5, Gateway, Epson, and whatever other bit of gear has shown up here in the last year. It’s an incredible waste of space. I don’t have a problem keeping a box for a burn in period. That space between when you get it until the hardware lending library’s return policy ends. But is it fair to keep something after 30 days?

Better I think to get a new one, in the case of a printer for example, then to wonk with trying to get the borked one fixed. We’d need a printer anyway. The cost of printing at Kinko’s is fair more expensive then throwing down for it’s replacement. Plus we’d get the greatest latest.

In the case of a Powerbook or Inspiton the original box isn’t really a deal maker if the old notebook is being sold. I’ve only sold a Powerbook once and the rest have become hand-me-downs. Besides the buyer is going to walk out with the computer in the bag that I’m throwing in (and that’s what really happened when I did sell that one tiBook). Unless I really like the bag (I didn’t). That shiny black box is pretty cool though. Maybe the next guy will feel the same cool that I felt when it arrived years ago. But I don’t know that I need 3 or 4 boxes. One should be plenty.

I think maybe the place for used boxes to post and ship them off to winners that bid for them on eBay. Somebody somewhere must need a box. For a joke. To make a gift that much better. Or for their weird collection of original Apple boxes.

Anyway, it’s a problem that I have deal with. And I’m not happy about having to on a Monday.