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I am a 40 something non-consumer. I’ve dropped out of the market place. You can’t measure me. Unless you are measuring my negative reaction to it all.

I don’t watch TV the way it was. Remember the rotary tuner that got 4 channels and the safe cracker knob that got 1 more? You had to be there at spot on 9 o’clock. And if you missed it, you might catch it as a summer rerun. It got a little better with the VCR if you bothered to learn all the steps and remembered the most critical and confusing bit which was turning it OFF to auto record. Or the new remote controlled version where I might “discover” motorcycles or “learn” to make over. Please.

I don’t listen to radio or watch TV unless its one thing. As we’ve talk about on This Week in Media it’s come down to that. “Live” TV is sports. Specifically for me, its baseball. And later this year sail boat racing — the Louis Vitton races leading up to the America’s Cup. If it’s on TV at all. Meaning I’ll more likely be using an internet live feed driving a 3D virtual display, that includes audio and still images. Which will be a WAY better thing then whatever they “try” to do live on TV. Kind of like watching the telemetry feed on July 4th of Pathfinder landing on Mars all those years ago. How exciting was text? Enough that I’m talking (writing) about it here.

Because I don’t have a TV, I’m watching that live feed in a place where other people are watching. Which is “the bar” around the corner. The burger came from a local ranch. And I’m drinking something made by a craft brewer who I know on a first name basis. I’m a statistic with lots of zeros.

Speaking of zero. I’ve got my magazine subscriptions down to zero. I buy/sell used books. I borrow CDs for about 12 minutes. I support local live music. I borrow the paper while I’m eating eggs at the coffee shop counter just around the corner.

Hell I don’t even have a permanent home. I have a address that collects mail because they still want to do that. Me moving to LA actually moves me around more. This week San Francisco, San Diego next. Portland and Seattle the weekend after. Sailing the next. Another weekend in SF… I’m getting paid an obscene amount of money and instead of using it to nest I’ve become even more of a flutterby.

Which is why TV is my way now. If I want to watch something it’s downloaded. Either from iTunes but more often using bitTorrent. That means there aren’t commercials. Once you’ve watched TV this way you never want to watch it any other way. It’s the same thing as TiVO only one better. No extra hardware. No piece of furniture supporting a behemoth screen. In other words– I don’t have a NTSC fireplace room. A room like every other room in the world that has a large piece of glass surrounded by comfy chairs.

Once its over I put on boxing gloves and type the incantation that makes it DELETED! As if it was never there. Evidence of my guilty pleasure marked only by a forgotten dot torrent file in the download folder. Was it ever there? There is no specific time or place where I watch. They cannot measure it. I don’t exist.

Cable. BlueRay. HD. DVD. Who cares. I don’t want physical media anymore. I’ve transcended it.

I am the future.