my MacBook Pro arrived at the office back from Apple. the long check list of broken is still long. the worksheet claims that both fans were changed yet it still makes a grinding noise after booting. there’s still dirt in the screen. the airquotes Genius endairquotes claim that the dirt was on the screen on in the screen. his obvious attempt to clean it didn’t help except to make the screen a complete mess. which is fine, I’ll clean it but it’s a very obvious problem. what’s worse is that the DVD-R discs get kicked out after being inserted. other media works fine. supposedly a reinstall of the OS is in order. why do Apple technicians always believe that software will fix borked hardware? I think I will do the reinstall before I go so I don’t have to endure that argument again. the only good news is the top actually kinda sorta fixed. but it still has an part that sticks up. it’s half right.

seems like I’m doing a lot of work on a Mac that I shouldn’t have to work on. and all that has to be done before I make another trip to Stockton.