my travel tripod is a JOBY GorillaPod. this particular one is about to be over and out as every single person who sees also has to play with it. this stresses the joints on a already mostly fragile sculpture causing them to crack. even I played with mine after I got it. so I cannot complain when it happens every time.
the Gorilla easily adapts to uneven surfaces almost without thinking about that you are doing it. this is why it’s been in my bag instead of something more solid. a “normal” tripod which has a mechanical requirement forcing an exactness. the Gorilla just moves to the there compared to the BALL HEADS on tiny cheap tripods, which are the suck as they never stick. a bean bag would be a better choice compared to thin legged tiny pod. when using the JOBY you just do not think about it like a tripod of any size.

after using the GorillaPod for a while I find that there are two BIG problems and a show stopper. the first is that it is too light. it does not work well with the heavier LX3. which means getting the next bigger Gorilla. the quick release is not so quick. it really is a fumble so the best thing to do is not use this feature. once one of the connectors becomes cracked the tripod becomes almost useless. SUPERGLUE has fixed the borked bend. but then the FLEX is not fluid. making it more like a traditional tripod.

I have a few ideas about using the Gorilla tripods on going. the first is to buy cheaper knockoffs from China/eBay. buying from a few different vendors then comparing them by use. if I find something suitable I will get 2o then use one until the breaks [repeat]. the “bad ones” will get used as decoy playthings. the object that everyone plays with until that snapping sound happens. this is possible when the thing costs just $4.
link to the JOBY: