Tedious this is.

After a longer than long studio.production logo it’s into an even longer credit sequence. My mind starts to wonder stuff. Like how annoying it would be if dialog boxes displayed their message “teletype style” with a clicky sound with each drawn character. I’m really glad that my computer doesn’t do that.

After losing 2:40 of my time I’m not surprised by the next bit. Gratuitous Tie Fighter flyby’s around Imperial Battle Cruisers that are too close together. Really close. So close that the engines of one are radiation poisoning everyone on the other. The thing we got from the SW movies was a sense of scale. So far I’m not seeing that sense.

There was a book that you might not have read (but you should) called “Peopleware”. The book is a guideline for bosses and managers on how to get more work from people by respecting the environment where they work. One of the things the book suggests is getting rid of the “EVERYONE LISTEN” public address system because it interrupts whatever you were doing forcing your concentration to the message. Just last week I was book shopping in a store and was treated to a PA announcement. It was something right out of this movie. Only they repeated the request twice because English is so hard to understand. Only they repeated the request twice because English is so hard to understand. So here it is at 4:26. The women voice saying “attention filmmakers…. don’t do the PA announce when you have a big room.” Sadly, the voice said something else.

I”ve just seen the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen today. A guy directing an Imperial Walker with light batons right next to the foot of the thing. And once again I’m taken away from the movie to ask exactly how do the Walkers get to the south ridge? They don’t fly there on their own. Because if they could WHY WOULD THEY NEED TO WALK?

6 minutes. About time we jump to hyperspace. The script builds us up saying these mighty ships can jump at a moments notice. And that’s what this movie needs. A jump to hypespace. And fast! But it takes so long for all of them to jump then they jump into the gravity well of a planet swarming with ships. If it would have been my film stuff would have been all kinds of everything crashing into those Starships.

The use of computer communication is important to flying space ships around. The task of getting from here to there is largely automated. And therefore you don’t need “space craft traffic control chatter.” Here’s an example of wasted story opportunity. Instead of using those 50 words for story development they used them to say nothing. Nothing.

11:06 the troopers are complaining and one of them uses the word “sucks.”

Ohhhhh…. I get it now. It’s a comedy. Never mind.

Stop that ship! Blast ’em!