I found a card from nearly two years ago from when I was in Las Vegas. I remember being sick as hell. Some bastage on the plane must have tagged me. Or maybe I was just moneyless and holed up in the room to not lose whatever money I had. Anyway the card. Words on the back “King Kong $1650 includes shipping.” It would have been the biggest piece of art I’d ever purchased. Made from three perfectly aligned galleys on an ancient press it was over 8 feet tall and shy of 4 wide. It was as if Kong had come to life and then flash frozen in four colors. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something more. While it would have been “just a replica” an original 1933 print sold for $244,500. Which is right out of out of reach.

It wasn’t me that made the decision to leave him hanging in Paris. Circumstance made it for me. I simply could not take him home. No matter how I rationalized it…Never find the ape again. Possible investment. One hundred of a kind. I could sell the Jeep. Simply beautiful.

What’s worse? Kong or no? Thinking as I did then… you never buy art on the idea that you’ll make money. You buy art that makes you happy for a fair if not over price. To think that you won’t find another think again. Somebody else fell in love and now wants that damn ape gone. Who do you think they might call? The gallery of course! Kong is not lost!

Much has changed in the time after I talked to the very alluring sales, errr Art Consultant woman about the history of Kong. Now I don’t have a home or any of the stuff that I’ve carried with me from place to place to place. And where would Kong be now had I purchased him? I certainly would not have sold him off like with the rest of my crap. It would have been a funny sight. Me and my flat monkey hitching a ride…

Ahhh a quick search reveal him… Same low price. Still no house.