Free tickets…
Free parking…
Look at the time! Skipped the popcorn…

We got there just as the lights dimmed meaning the only seats left were down in front. As you can see from the time stamp above I procrastinated to the end on leaving meaning we had moments to spare to get there… but for what… so I could be berrated by some movie guy telling me a shouldn’t arrrrrgh his movies. And then they stole my time after telling me I shouldn’t steal. Hypocrites.

Why doesn’t the ad in front of the film make the film cheaper? TV is free (airwave networks) because of ads. Razzzberries is all I have say.

Next there’s aboot (as Smith would say) 20 trailers. Ever notice how sometimes it’s like watching a whole movie in 3 minutes? I feel tired by the last one. I don’t like watching trailers anymore. Expecially not 20 at a time.

Finally… movie sign… arrn! arnn! arrnn!

Except the guy and the robots aren’t watching this movie with me. I really wished they were, because it would have helped. Matirx hours 4-6 are cut soooo fast that it’d be hard to get a joke in edgewise. Short jokes. Short scenes. Anything would have helped.

From the second row ,the breastesez on the girl next to the guy with the red tie… those were impressive.

So were all those floating steel sperms.

Did you know that Smith guy wears an ear ring in real life?

If the Oracle got Smith’d how’d she get in the end of the film? A backup Oracle maybe?

Hungry now. Hmmm… for some reason a Coke and some popcorn sounds good. Aaaaaaaahhhh…. it’s still working.

I hate them.