after paying for this domain for years I’m finally doing something with it. the tool that I found after experimenting with several less polished projects is called Juitter basically I took the example page, deleted stuff, relogo’d it and called it a night. CSS is maddeningly incomprehensible sometimes. and then you go OHHH… “at least I’m not editing PostScript source to fix a typo.” but that’s the way that it always feels to do simple things like changing the color of the type. at least the newest version of Safari makes it easier to find the code in question. sometimes anyway.

the tool is watching Twitter for the word MEDIA. you can do this yourself using a search but this auto updates. so far I’ve seen the word used in many different ways. watch it for a while and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

media the news.
media the player.
media the container.
media the people.
media the DVD.
media the camera.
media the 8 track tape.
media etc.

I’ll leave it like this for a while with the intent of coming back to do more work. maybe I’ll drop in some adds and some interesting books on Amazon. until then enjoy the media feed.

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