Virtual Fry’s had molded 3D printer parts made by Metrix, a hacker space in Seattle. it was the last set in stock. Metrix idea was to use molds to mass produce the bits and bobs you need make a Mendal. which seems like a good idea. but the resin does not work well for some of it as I found out when drilling required holes. no matter what speed the drill press some of the plastic did not like the idea of installing a hole.
sporring, snap, crack… crap.
super glue will fix some of the busted. but the “clips” are beyond help. and Seattle maker space that originally made these is long since out the business of molded Mendals meaning there no help from them. I will have to one off print or make the parts that got destroyed. Metrix did a lot to support the 3D printer community. it looks like you can still get a BrainWave for powering your bot.
the printer I’m building will initially use a RAMPS 1.4. think cheap. the RAMPS board was made with this printer in mind. the next generation boards support more accuracy, more steppers, and have other features not supported on the Mendal. so why pay for better?
now… about that mix of colors. what the what? paint fixes it. or just keep it crazy.