one again I am stopped because of missing holes. the Z access guide rod holder needed two holes that allow attaching a compression plate for holding a smooth rod in place. it is easy to see how I missed it. I’m not following a check list. and the guides on these dumb molded parts do not stand out saying, “DRiLL ME!” so I miss them. I am pretty sure at this point there are no more holes to hole. oh sure, I say that now. something will need holes.

the wood is the stage top for the 3D printed area. this is the second pass on the stage. the first was made too small because of my dumb memory. the saying goes, measure TWICE cut ONCE. but it should be LOOK UP THE DIMENSIONS then LOOK THEM UP AGAIN before you measure and measure and mark and cut. it has holes too. I used a guide to mark those holes. that way I did not have to think.