Ever since I read the book the Professor and the Madman I’ve had an interest in origin of words. As somebody once told me, “dude, you have the coolest words.” For example:

channel surf

The last two were words that I used long before they became popular terms. My one friend even credits me with the origin of the magic mash. But I’m pretty sure I didn’t invent that word.

Since I’ve been working in Hell A and calling it that it didn’t take me long to notice that if you smash the words together you get hella. Making the phrase “hella good” to mean LA good. “It’s LA GOOD!” sounds gay. Nobody from lalaland would ever say that. But if you use the alternate name of LA now known as Hell A it makes and sounds much more hip.

Posdef it does.

Even though the werp flags it as unknown. But I can automagically (also SP flagged) add it to the known list. It’s not a hard jorb to do. And now I’m going to gradumacate outta here and channel surf the afternoon away.