this is my entry for the Fiesta Movement. just so you know I spent exactly 1 hour making the video. I started by thinking about it for a while. in this case a while is a week. I found out about the contest at a Twitter Meet Up the week before. evidently there weren’t that many entries according to one of the people there. his point, make something, anything, you have nothing to lose.

I thought about it until 6 hours to the close of the contest. nothing like a looming deadline to spark the creative. I wanted to be finished sooner. like in an hour giving me 5 more to tweak and change if I wanted. I started a timer then opened Text Edit where I wrote a script, then researched pictures to use from my own library and from the internet based on that. the latter will very likely disqualify my entry because I didn’t use free rights imagery. oh well is all I have to say. I’ll replace them if I they pick my video. this took the longest part of the hour. I went into it knowing I was going to write so I had an idea of the words. they just came out like a one take wonder. I had the Mac built-in voice read it back allowing me to find the problems like duplicate phrasing, bad timing and length. there were three passes before it was done.

the voice over was recorded on my RE20 mic that I use for Beer School, KnowTech, LifeZero, and MacBreakTech podcasts. I edited the three takes in Final Cut Pro. I had intended to flip that over to Sound Track to sweeten it but after hearing it there wasn’t much point in EQing and Compressing given that it was going to YouTube.

after I was happy with the voice part I “marked” the timeline for the edits. this is were you listen to the voice pressing the M key when you hear where a change or beat happens. sometimes I do a few takes of this but for this I went with the first one. then it’s just a matter of dropping in the photos that were already chosen. no thinking about the length of each as it’s predetermined by the markers. drag, drop, trim, next.

the sequence with the bus and the train were taken with my Canon SD750 using continuous mode. it’s simple to use. set the mode, aim at motion, push and hold the shutter button until the motion ends. I loaded the photos into After Effects as a sequence, resized the clip, then exported DV NTSC. that got loaded back into FCP and I retimed it there to fit the voice. these are two examples of why goofing with on a camera is always a good idea. you never know when that footage might be useful.

I hate the title tool in FCP. it has not changed since version 1.0. why I ask why? when doing these quick things it can be real asset. you don’t get to muck with the type. but I wanted to accent the DOT in the URLs. the way I did that was to duplicate the layer, put it directly above, color it red then put spaces to move the period to the correct place. it’s not exact but doesn’t have to be. the TypeWriter effect that I never use was actually just the thing for the Road Trip! line. lay down the title, type the words, center, then trim. done.

once I was done I resized the pictures to fill the frame. at this point I wished that I had done this in W-I-D-E instead of 4:3. oh well. next time. I also took out cross dissolve transitions because it made the images look like mud. there was music in one of the mixes but I axed that too.

at this point I’m at 1 hour. or maybe a few minutes past. I don’t really remember but I was done with the editorial and onto the mechanical.

the last part is quality assurance more than anything. I’m not thinking about the settings anymore because what QuickTime provides as a default is as good as it gets. Export to Quicktime movie, open Quicktime Pro, Export to Web, check it one more time, which of course reveals three mistakes. it’s fast to correct them and I repeat the Export. after that the upload to YouTube takes more minutes than I should because I can’t remember my password. I made a new account to solve the memory problem. this took half an hour total from the first compress pass to when YouTube was playing the video.

I’m happy with it in the end. considering the time spent. somebody asked what would have changed if I spent more time on it. the contest asked for 2-5 minutes. and this out in 45 seconds. not really sure what else I would have added. okay, music and visual effects and motion graphics. however, this would have turned the 1 hour project into 40 hours. but to what end?

stay tuned.