For the last 3 months the thing that I have hated most about my Macbook Pro is how freaking hot it gets within twenty minutes of using it. While using it I thought my left palm was actually cooking. I tried putting various things under it to make it not seem so hot but alas it was uncomfortable. The thought of a external keyboard didn’t sit will with me either. What would be the point of portable computing if you have to lug 101 keys around. I suppose I could have gone to Guitar Center or Sam Ash and found a to-go-case. But again, why oh why?

I was seriously considering this Mac to be a mistake. And while I will very likely join whatever class-action action that will inevitable happen I really would rather have a fix then a hundred bucks.

Enter the other people unwilling to wait for a later solution. It turns out that the fans (there are two of them) aren’t spinning as fast as could. And with a little help they can spin much faster. There are two tools that will let you change the fan speed.

Fan Control

For the last few days I’ve tested both tools with great results. The freaking-hot-can’t-set-it-on-me has turned into something more like the 1Ghz G4 I had for the last two years. With the fans set at 3000RPMs the Mac runs at 45°C. Much, much cooler. Turning the fans back to the normal 1KRPM shows a significant rise in temperature (12°) in just 5 minutes. Put it another way, a hot tub is pretty nice to sit in at 40° but you want to claim out after 20 minutes. So 57° or hotter just isn’t happy!

While the software carries the usual warnings about damage to your Mac I think it’s safe to say that fan speed was the problem all the time. In fact it could very well be a Steve problem and not a fan problem. While Steve may not like fans at all, I’m inclined to want to have them on rather then off. Sure there might be less battery life but it’s likely to be minutes of lost time. And you can feel air blowing on your fingers. Big deal.

Now if only the Sleep function would work again once the screen is closed, the whining would stop, dirt inside the LCD stop accumulating, the mouse button not feel so odd sometimes and the hard drive not filling up (Oh, that’s my fault!) Grrrr…