look kids, I’m still not writing writing NaNoWriMo 2009. I do like the idea. I just don’t want to tool about it for a month. like that month when I wrote my own BASIC interpreter. you know, because I’d never done that and because the world needed BASIC running in a web browser window. nobody had done that before so I did it. now there are lots of terminals running stuff like that. anyway here’s some more words.

I never wanted to be a writer. at least, it’s not how I started all of this. believe me if I’d known what I know now I would still be a lab geek working the over night shift programming data collectors, feeding the subjects and being bored. I would have picked something else to fix the bored part that’s for sure. but I’d already been to the edge twice with the bolts and jolts.

everyone has been to the edge with the B&Js. some people call them beej or bees. never just j. that’s something else. beej. that’s pronounce BEE-JES. JES is like JEST without the T. illegal for the most part. you can’t buy a power up at a store anymore. but just ask and a friend of a friend will hook you up. somebody is always edged and just wants out. or they’ve gone beyond the edge which means they have no need to beej anymore. we all know what that means. or we all thought we knew what that meant. so anyway, I’d edged, lived, did it again and needed a new way to not be bored.

there was a closet full of old tech at the lab. stuff that was useful for collecting data when you had to be more hands on. monitors back then had to have wires or it had a collector that needed to be downloaded every day by hooking it up to an interface. now it’s all done with dust. you know, the little particles that form neural networks passing any and all that they know without wires. they get power from light storing it for when it’s not. it’s pretty cool. anyway, I found something that I could write on. something that had a keyboard instead of brainwire. I needed to pass the time for a long time. typing is a slow laborious way to work. unlike brainwire where you just have to think. if I used that I’d be done in a day or three. but typing… ah, the joys of slow word for word.

I had the run of the place working the over night. over time I was curious about the other “closets” in the big building. because there is so much space and not many people needing to work whole floors are closed off, abandoned in place. I found one whole floor dedicated to printing. the machines were old. but old tech is pretty easy to get running again. because nobody ever came here I could start something, leave it, and come back later with nothing disturbed. I learned how to make the press work, run the binder, and found what ways worked and what didn’t. fortunately the guys that ran this place kept all the instructions on a shelf but they always looked untouched as if it was never read. I did my job and I had a hobby. somebody would check in on me once in a while. but they were always punctual meaning they never found me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be. besides everyone knows how to spoof locators.

three years later I was done. I’d pushed out what became known as “the trilogy”. printed for real. there was so many pages that it had to be three books otherwise nobody could carry them. that’s right, printed. nobody had printed a book in over a hundred and fifty years. and I was the first to have done it in that much time. it took a while to become an over night success. and then I was the talk of the talk. everyone wanted me on their vid.

this story is about that.