so here you go. a new look for John Planet. it’s based on a WordPress theme called Infinity. but my oh, my are the lots of bugs and issues with it. right alignment, twitter feed funky, tags missing and the picture examples are just weird. on top of that are all the missing plug-ins that it depends on to make it work. normally I say sure, you get a link back but in the this case, no. on top of that it’s just old enough that there isn’t an “automatic thumbnail maker” so I get to spend an hour hacking that in. also there isn’t a TAG over there on the left because I’ve never added any tags. besides, I have to find which plug I need to plug for tag your it to show up. maybe I should have kept looking for a more suitable planet before settling on this one?

oh well. it’s working so what the what.

all the images are NASA that you can find yourself in if you really like the theme you can find it be searching for infinity. no, I won’t help you sort it to working. my images, the ones below, are on Flickr because iPhoto talks to it. having this working means I won’t be needing “” for long. it’s cool but not that cool. standard orbit Mister Sulu. did Kirk ever ask for a bizarre orbit? or how about one that shortened the time it took to get around the gas giant so they could blow up a moon. nope. never.

also… effing search is missing. hopefully that will just be a copy past jorb from the old planet.

I think the worst of the worst is going to be figuring out how to get images on old posts. there are, gasp, six hundred and sixty six of them to update. jeepers. that’s a lot of writing, linking and copy pasting.

bookmarking to might start happening again because it’s here again. I stopped doing that when I quit that one show that you might remember me doing. over that. but linking to links is useful too.

let me know if you hate, hate it. but I’m over Kubrick forever.