so here’s the new theme that I want to try running for a while. it combines things in a way that you don’t see normally: twitter, flickr, the almost defunct and the facebook if I can figure out where the dang link is for the roboto. all that is on the right side. eventually I will turn on the ort cloud. it requires going back in time to keyword some old writing.

one thing I’m not in love with is the colors. icky, not like at all. but the template to change is SUCKS. meaning I’m going to have to drag it to my own kicking and screaming.

there’s always stuff to post. and I’ll be doing more of that from here on. until then, maintain a standard orbit!

here’s a three song play list to go with the new sneaks!
Angels Want to Wear my Red Shoes – Elvis Costello
19-2000 – Gorillaz
Blue Swede Shoes – Elvis

Cruel Shoes – Steve Martin

PS: comments are on for a while.