I am NOT a cabinet maker. working with wood takes practice using the correct tools. I do not have all the tools. and I do this once in while. maybe once a year. which is more like never.
first off, the guy that cut this wood is making a lot of money doing it. he COULD have punched the spots for where holes go. he could have had his CNC router do that for him. he could have… he could have… done a lot things. nope. he is in for converting wood into money. and not much more. I got a box of wood. and he got my money. umm, like I said before the fact that I do not have the saws or machines to cut the wood in these shapes is not lost on me. so I’m not MAD about my purchase. I’m just becoming aware of lopsided end of the deal I got. or is it lopsided? hmm…

if I did have ALL the tools to make the cabinet… what would I have in tools?

  • table saw.
  • band saw or jig saw.
  • drill press.
  • router.

eek. that looks like a thousand dollars of proper tools. this makes $100 dollars for Game Cabinet Kit look even cheaper! I get a near final product without all of that metal with a need for a place to put it. also there is an on going cost of having those tools. as we know, idle tools tend to rot when not in use. as wood is not my day to day why have all this stuff in the corner and pay for the space. 

so my rant above, about cost, is unfounded. carry on.

the idea of doing projects like this is never because it is easy. I do them for the learning factor alone. and like the 3D printer project I’m learning that if you WANTED to be in the business of making these little cabinets for the purpose of playing retro games there is room for a lot of improvement. but do you really want to be in the support business for dealing with old stuff? and carpentry… or LiNUX config files for old timey NTSC displays so that Moon Buggy looks correct…
remember my 1” wood screw rant? the wood guy suggests 1” but this is not the right screw unless you tap a hole for the head. and I don’t have right drill or the steady hand to do that kind of work. DiResta makes it look easy only because he does this every day. AND he has every tool known to tools.
sigh. the good thing is that SiDE ART will cover my mistakes.
what I would do different had I known what I know now? get the Dremel out and that stone to grind out space for the screw heads. I have that tool. and maybe that stone is here. when I drilled the holes I did not anchor the first hole after I made it. the boards moved a little after the third hole. I put an anchor screw in after that. use a power screw driver to set the screws. figure out how a specific area can always stay clean. it became a catch all over the course of the day because I cleared it yesterday. BIG open spaces catch things. I have to fix this in my head.
tomorrow… another round of sanding, paint and paper.
DiResta reference: