Saturday was observe Mun night. the sky was fog’d as usual. meaning my view was just a glow behind water suspended in the air like it always is around here. SF is the worst place for visual astronomy. but then, no place is really better. the midwest is full of clods the same way that here is.

what I did do is pull up a bunch of Mun photos from the last two years for a montage. the best one? that the first, it is a accidentally of 4%. I aimed the camera where it was s’posed to be then it took a thousand pictures. on review of the stack there it was.

why do you call it Mun you ask? because every other MOON is referred to by a name. Titan, Ganymede, Phoebes and not the Titan, the Io, or the… Mun is what the Kerbals call the rock in orbit around their world. I guess I could call Mun as El Moon. except that would be the same as calling it THE MOon. think of this as the same way that I use Erf as the name for Earth. even if Captain from that movie did not actually say that. Erf is funnier. always go with funny.

Get Moonstruck on International Observe the Moon Night