I started. It’s called “Once a Triangle.” An obscure reference to a role playing lesson I did in 8th grade. It told us how our rolls in life were largely already defined.

The lesson was set up like this. We were all given chips. Some of us had lots while most had one which defined the groups squares, circles and triangles. There were a lot of circles and squares. The triangles had just 5 people in the group. Triangles had lots of chips. The activity was that we had to trade our chips. One chip for one chip. A white for a white. A blue for a blue. So we do this a few times. Each time the groups convene in the different parts of the classroom.

After the third trading session a new person showed up in the triangles. A few people that were squares became circles. A few more people didn’t have any chips and became a new group called “zed” which meant zero.

Bob became a triangle because he cheated. He broke the rules of trading taking a chip without giving one back. Everyone else that played by the rules stayed what they were. A square, a circle or a triangle.

The take away. Unless you really work hard you are what you are. You aren’t much different from your parents. You live in the town were you grew up. You don’t change.

Thus the name and the premise of the story I’m typing this year. I may post it working live. Somebody convince me either way.